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SRTeSport Readies For PRL 2021 Season 2 GT3 Series


February 18, 2021; Lancaster, PA
By: Dylan Millan

The Precision Racing League administration and ownership have been enjoying somewhat of a vacuum of success in their wildly popular, yet fairly new GT-3 Sprint Series Championship which features on Monday night's starting at 9PM ET. 

We caught up with and approached Kenny Rodriguez who is an Organizer for the series as well as the higher level Tuesday night LMP2/GTE Sports Car series which will begin following the  iRacing IMSA series next season, to get his thoughts on the series and where he feels its direction is headed. 

"Well, that's a bit of a conundrum if you will. You see, Monday's were always tagged as a "fun" series. The races were never broadcast before and the cars that the guys used to race changed from season to season. So there was never any real consistency to the Monday series to make it a staple program. But that started to change when the GT4 cars were introduced. They ran the cars for two seasons and it started to attract a number of talented drivers to the league.

"Then the races started getting broadcast intermittently on the Global Sim Racing Channel. Two seasons ago, we decided, in the spirit of fun, to switch the cars to the GT3 cars and that's when things exploded. We experienced exponential growth in the series  and started to attract very well known drivers to the league. It became so that the Monday night series was on par and started to outperform the Tuesday night "elite" series of LMP2's and GTE's" Ken said. "We have drivers coming in this season with 8k iRating that we had no choice but to split the series into a Pro and Am style series. This was done more so to give the Am Gentleman level driver an opportunity to compete for and win a championship which, if the ownership of the league decide to do it, will yield incentives in both Pro and Am classes.

Given that Ken serves as one of many series organizers as well as a competition committee race steward and is also the team owner and principal of SRTeSport, we know that he has his hands full with many things sim racing but he seems to never have been happier. "I stopped streaming" said Ken with an ear to ear grin. "I'm more focused", he continued. And so, here we are at the precipice of the new season, while still a month away and the roster for the GT3 field has been completely filled that the administrators of the league had to shut down the roster sign ups at fifty entries. 

And now, SRTeSport will start the work to ready themselves for the upcoming season which will prove to be much more competitive and, this season will have five races broadcast versus the usual four. "We've got thirteen drivers across five teams competing in this upcoming season. Three of them are Am level drivers and ten are Pro level drivers. It's gonna be interesting", he said. 

And so it is that the team is getting ready. With returning drivers and a few new faces to challenge for the top spots, it is sure to be an extraordinary season of high octane, action packed racing of these high end super cars suped up to tackle the track at break neck speeds. You won't want to miss the action. Check back here and follow the team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for real time updates on all the action.