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SRTeSport's Jean Marc Tremblay Secures Podium Finish

January 11, 2021

After a hotly contested battle of the Precision Racing League's Monday night GT-3 Sprint series Round 3 at Road America, SRTeSport's own Jean-Marc Tremblay emerged on the podium to secure a hard fought, well deserved third place finish. 

In a grueling 40 minute battle that saw multiple SRTeSport drivers suffer setbacks and being beaten up on track, one shining light came through for the multiple entry team in the form of our beloved Jean-Marc Tremblay who through strategic planning and keeping a cool head about himself, ended up finishing in third place.

This finish helped in keeping the boys of SRTeSport Blue in contention for the team championship with them sitting behind the leading team of SIMMSA eSports by just 14 points and still 7 rounds to go.

Congratulations to Jean-Marc Tremblay and the boys of SRTeSport Blue on a good showing.

The Precision Racing League hosts an array of racing leagues for many genres of racing. From Nascar to road course racing, you are sure to find a series that will satisfy your online sim racing desires. Visit them by clicking this link here.