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How It Started

The SpeedWerx Racing Team eSport virtual racing team started as an idea to bring together a few friends to race the weeknight and weekend official iRacing series' in what was then the BlancPain GT-3 sprint and endurance weekend series'.  Starting with just two drivers (Ken Rodriguez and Jarrod Keen), what is now known as SRTeSport was born. It was October 2015 when things began to take shape and come together. Jarrod and Ken would race weeknights from 10PM until about 1AM ET and the early morning BES series on Saturday’s. Yeah, that’s right, they’d be up at 4AM or 5AM depending on the time of year. As time passed, Jarrod wanted to grow the team with more drivers to have even more fun racing against friends and so he started a recruiting campaign to bring in suitable drivers to join our ranks.

How It's Going

SRTeSport has grown in membership to roughly 40 drivers currently. What started as an exclusive GT-3 racing team had soon expanded into other series and genre's on the iRacing service as more drivers joined our ranks to take advantage of the team environment offerings. Naturally the mainstay of SRTeSport has and always will be Sports Car racing. Particularly the GT tin tops as that is where our strength lies. However, this does not limit us in any way. Today we have drivers tearing up the virtual raceways from the Skippy's & Spec Racer Ford Series all the way up to the elite iRacing Grand Prix F1, oval and dirt series’ too.

What We Value

Our drivers truly are some of the best friends that we have made throughout the years of sim racing. We provide a very laid back, casual, fun and relaxed atmosphere of competitive racing. While our drivers don't all have serious aspirations of pro-level sim racing, we have had a few drivers that have passed through our corridors and have moved onto professional sim-racing teams and have ascended to sim-racing stardom, and we take the utmost pride in the fact that their start and first exposure to team racing in most cases was right here with us at SRTeSport.

What We Offer

So as a team, some of the benefits we afford our drivers range from professionally painted cars done by none other than our in-house painter, Racebox Sim Racing laying down his skills and making our boys look amazing out on track. Paid setups from the likes of Apex Racing Academy, Craig's Setup Shop, Major's Garage Pure Driving School, Virtual Racing School and our own in-house setups GURU as well. A robust Driver Development program. Access to a plethora of resources to help our members become faster, more consistent drivers, streaming resources and so much more! These are just a few of the many benefits that we offer our members when they become an integral part of our team.

Forward Looking Statement

SRTeSport looks forward to many years of virtual racing, making lasting, meaningful and positive impacting friendships. Competing as best we can within the sim racing community. It has been a fun ride up until now and we fully expect that it will only get better for years to come & well into the future. SRTeSport is always looking for good talent to join the team and be a part of something much bigger than just a sim racing hobby. It is a village. A community that lives and breaths virtually online but the friendships and bonds made are very real and long lasting. 

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