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Celebrating Six Years of Winning Tradition at SRTeSport

 January 14, 2021

This year marks six years that SRTeSport has been in existence. From its conceptualization and small humble beginnings by Team Owner & Principal Ken Rodriguez, SRTeSport has stayed the steady course of focusing on a fun, relaxed atmosphere of online racing friends who gather to compete, typically on weeknights in U.S. time zones. "The idea of forming a virtual racing team initially came from a private message I received from an old pal, Jarrod Keen, who I used to race against in a previous virtual racing league on another platform", Ken said. 

Ken and Jarrod connected to start racing with each other in the iRacing BlancPain Sprint and Endurance series' on the weekends. Referencing how they started out, Ken said "Jarrod and I would race two to three nights a week in the official BSS series, one or two races a night. Then, we'd get up at either 4AM or 5AM depending on whether daylight savings time was in effect, to race the early weekend BES race on Saturday mornings. Yes, we were that crazy!"

A short time afterward, Jarrod started a recruiting campaign to enlist additional like minded hobbyists to join SRT back then. Over the years, members have come and gone and many lasting friendships have been forged. "At the end of the day, the friends you make and the company you keep are what makes this such a uniquely enjoyable hobby." Ken said. 

Today, SRTeSport boasts just under 30 drivers on their "official" roster of drivers. The team has evolved from a GT-3 exclusive team to one that competes in a diverse portfolio of racing genres all on the iRacing service. And while some members engage in other gaming and sim racing titles, iRacing is what ultimately keeps this group of thriving virtual racers together. 

All told, some of SRTeSport's amazing accomplishments include just over 300 race wins, 1,100 top 5 finishes and 2,200 top 10 finishes within its brief six year existence. Those are some impressive stats for a team whose focus is on enjoying the hobby with ZERO aspirations of ever becoming a hard core professional virtual race team. "We like to compete, there's no doubt about that. Otherwise we wouldn't be here today 6 years later. But to aspire to become professional sim racers is not who we are. It becomes a job at that point with Sponsor contracts and set expectations that each team member must perform at a certain level. That is not fun", said the team owner.

But that doesn't mean that SRTeSport hasn't seen its share of individuals that were once a part of the team, move onto professional race teams and have climbed the iRacing ranks. As a matter of fact, SRTeSport takes great pride in that these once members have passed through their halls and have left some of their brightness behind. 

SRTeSport focuses on developing drivers, having fun and providing a well rounded team environment. They support each other online through Discord and come together to compete at varying levels in iRacing special events such as the 24 Hours of Daytona, Spa 24, etc. 

"We anticipate being around for years to come yet. I think that we have the team right where we need to be with other members stepping up to help out in uploading our setups, we have a professional in-house painter for our cars and a plethora of talent right in our house. We have all that we need to remain successful for years to come and that's how I anticipate things remaining for the foreseeable future" siad Ken. We wholeheartedly agree.