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SRTeSport Gears Up for iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona


January 21, 2021
While the rest of the country seems to be settling into the early stages of this new year, the folks over at SRTeSport are gearing up for the first true test of endurance and team event hosted on the iRacing Motorsports platform of 2021. The iRacing 24 hours of Daytona is a true 24 hours virtual race event that starts promptly at 1300 GMT time.

The event hosts virtual racers and real-world racers from all over the globe who come together to compete in a 100% virtual race event. Tens of thousands of sim racers will descend on the iRacing simulator come this Saturday to contest the highly anticipated event for 24 hours and hope for sim racing fame and glory and the chance to capture that checkered flag on the top step of the podium.

SRTeSport will have two entries into this event. Their first is the ever popular Dallara P217 Prototype sports car being driven by members of SRTeSport Blue team. Headed by JR Williams as the team lead, JR is joined by team owner Ken Rodriguez, drivers Kyle Strycharz, Charlie Karlsson, David Mennenoh, Andres Espinoza, Matt Hilton and Sammy Bridges.

But not to be outdone, Dan Rivito will be heading up the efforts of SRTeSport Black kin the newly released BMW M4 GT-3 Prototype. While the car is based off of the GT3 M4, the designation "prototype" was added as the car had not yet been released in any officially sanctioned real-world race series as yet. Dan will be joined by drivers Sean McBeth, Chris Rines, Bret Thurman, Jean-Marc Tremblay, James LeBlond and Tyler Dezubay. 

"The only expectation that I have for both our teams right now is a finish, period. Twenty four hours is a very long time in motorsports. There are variables that are outside of our direct control which are other drivers on the track", said team owner Ken Rodriguez. The team is expecting to bring both cars home cleanly and in good working order. They will accomplish that by staying out of trouble and not taking any uncalculated risks.  Fully understanding that racing really does not happen except for the last 90 or so minutes, keeping the cars on a consistent pace and damage free will almost guarantee that these guys will be in contention at the end. 

We wish them all the best of luck. Don't forget to check back here or keep an eye out on our social media outlets to keep up with all of the latest news and results of this grand event.